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Hydrogen Smart Container (HSC)

The mobile hydrogen filling station suitable for everyday use

Hydrogen Smart Container - the smart hydrogen filling station

The Hydrogen Smart Container is a hydrogen refuelling system housed in a 20 foot container. The HSC can be set up as either a 35 MPa (350 bar) or 70 MPa (700 bar) H2 refuelling station.

Due to the mobile design, set-up and dismantling times are short and commissioning on site is simple.

Refuel with hydrogen where you want

Thanks to the container structure and the robust construction, the HSC can be placed practically (almost) anywhere - whether on the mountain or in the valley, delivered by truck.


The HSC is a fully-fledged H2 refuelling system. After installation and connection to an existing hydrogen supply as well as commissioning, acceptance by the respective authorities takes place. Afterwards, the HSC is already fully operational and ready to refuel the first vehicles.


Thanks to the compact design of the HSC, there is room in a single 20-foot container not only for the medium pressure storage but also for several compressors, the compressed air reservoir and a control cabinet.


To ensure maximum safety during refuelling, the components are divided into three rooms: a non-ex room, an ex room and the refuelling unit. The latter is integrated into the outer wall of the container and can be easily covered for protection during transport.

NonEx room

The non-explosion-proof part of the container contains the air compressor, the compressed air tank and the control cabinet.


All components that process hydrogen are located in the Ex room: medium pressure storage, connection points and compressors.

Component overview

Thanks to the container structure and the robust construction, the HSC can be placed practically (almost) anywhere - whether on the mountain or in the valley, delivered by truck.


  1. Hydrogen compressor station
  2. Refuelling rack
  3. Dispenser unit
  4. Compressed air reservoir (max. 1.2 MPa | 12 bar)
  5. Control cabinet
  6. Air compressor
  7. H2-medium pressure storage (max. 50 MPa | 500 bar)
  8. Supply base rack
  9. Supply extension rack
  10. H2 supply reservoir (max. 30 MPa | 300 bar)

Hydrogen compressor station

The compressor station consists of two small compressors. These empty the supply reservoir in order to fill the medium pressure storage integrated in the container. During refuelling, starting from the highest available pressure level, it is possible to compress directly into the vehicle. This increases the refuelling time, but also the number of vehicles that can be refuelled back-to-back.

Air compressor

The instruments and components of the HSC are controlled with compressed air. This is provided by a tank located in the Non-Ex room. The tank, in turn, is replenished by an air compressor located in the same room.

medium pressure storage

The HSC is equipped with a medium-pressure buffer tank to enable the fastest and most efficient refuelling possible. This 500 bar storage tank can store over 1,000 litres of hydrogen at a pressure level of 45 MPa (450 bar).


The integrated dispenser can be converted for 350 bar or 700 bar vehicles with minimal effort. The inner workings of the HSC are completely designed for 700 bar. Therefore, the HSC can easily switch between pressure levels by replacing the refuelling equipment, a pressure relief valve and the software. The software can also be installed via remote maintenance, which multiplies the flexibility of the HSC and keeps costs low when changing pressure levels.


In-house software programming enables maximum flexibility in refuelling requirements. Through the use of Siemens failsafe PLCs and many years of know-how, we implement the latest standards - SAE J2601 up to 10 kg tank volume cooled or JPEC from, 10kg tank volume, cooled - with the highest safety requirements.

We plan and develop customer requirements for special refuelling outside standardised regulations in consultation with the vehicle manufacturers. Operators of hydrogen filling stations worldwide use our software and also draw on our many years of expertise in electrical engineering planning.

Data sheet

35MPa (350bar)70MPa (700bar)
Connection values:
Hydrogen qualityQuality 5.0Quality 5.0
Maximum supply pressure30 MPa (300 bar)30 MPa (300 bar)
Power supply400 V, 50 Hz, 45 A400 V, 50 Hz, 45 A
Container20 feet20 feet
Compressed air:
Air compressor0.55 MPa (5.5 bar) to 1 MPa (1 bar) Compressed air0.55 MPa (5.5 bar) to 1 MPa (1 bar) Compressed air
Oil-water separatorIntegratedIntegrated
Hydrogen compressor:
Conveying capacity2.55 kg/h @ 25 MPa (250 bar)2.55 kg/h @ 25 MPa (250 bar)
Min. H2 inlet pressure7 MPa (70 bar)7 MPa (70 bar)
medium pressure storage:
Capacity1050 litres H2 @ 45 MPa (450 bar)1050 litres H2 @ 45 MPa (450 bar)
Temperature range-40 °C to +65°C-40 °C to +65°C
Dispenser unit:
DispenserHydrogen Smart FuellerHydrogen Smart Fueller
Refuelling equipmentWEH TK17 35 MPaWEH TK17 70 MPa with IR
Pressure protection42.5 MPa (425 bar)87.5 MPa (875 bar)
Gas sensorIntegratedIntegrated
Operating display7″ Touch HMI7″ Touch HMI
RFID loginOptionalOptional
Remote maintenanceOptionalOptional
Ambient temperature-20 °C to +40 °C-20 °C to +40 °C
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