Our Products - Our Philosophy

We believe that plants should be considered complete systems: Conception, technical design, commissioning and the support afterwards must work seamlessly together. We offer complete hydrogen filling solutions, customized to your needs.

Hydrogen Smart Fueller

Hydrogen Smart Fueller

The HydrogenSmartFueller, HSF for short, is a adaptably designed dispenser with control software, specially developed for hydrogen filling stations. The HSF is available with a 350bar or 700bar nozzle. In order to allow refuelling from both pressure levels, the HSF is also available with two dispensing points. This modularity allows a wide range of applications, which makes the HSF perfect for refuelling of any kind of vehicle.

Hydrogen Smart Container

Hydrogen Smart Container

The Hydrogen Smart Container, short HSC, is a hydrogen fuelling station, packed into a 20 foot container. The HSCs can be setup as either 35MPa (350bar) or 70MPa (700bar) H2 fuelling station. Setup and commissioning is straightforward and operability can be achieved very quickly.


We will find the best implementation to work towards a cleaner future. We’ll make sure you reach your destination, for a clean H2-future!


When it comes to Hydrogen solutions we rely on years of experience and know-how. Safety is not an option, it’s our standard.


Setting new standards means exceeding the state-of-the-art. With that in mind, we develop safe and modern hydrogen solutions. Our goal is clear: Building the infrastructure for the vehicles of tomorrow, today.


Sometimes you must rethink to do it right. We plan your hydrogen plants with the future in our hearts and the present in our minds. Be it modifications or expansions of H2 Plants, we solve problems before they arise.


Developing Hydrogen solutions consists of a myriad of complex tasks. Our simulations aid us by finding potential problems that can be accounted for.

Solid foundations

Redundancy, availability and safety are the base on which we build H2 plants. That’s why our hydrogen solutions are always one step ahead of the curve.

The Number Games

We follow our vocation: simulations of plant processes are part of our daily routine. By visualizing our simulations, you get to see scenarios that are close to real-world applications – before the plant is even up and running.

Automatically great

There is no alternative to fully integrated software. All our system controls are built by our in-house experts with years of experience in plant automation. We rely on our knowhow and experience with hydrogen to ensure ideal integration.


Building an H2 plant from start to finish is a considerable undertaking – thanks to meticulous planning not a difficult one. If challenges occur along the way, we approach them with our long-time experience and expertise in the field of hydrogen.

Get them going

From regulatory approval to employee training, there are many things that must be done to commission a H2 plant. We will guide you through these steps to ensure that your hydrogen plant can operate smoothly.

Stay connected

Setup, functionality checks or updates: thanks to the internet we can maintain a good connection to our customers and their H2 Plants – regardless of distance.

Keep 'em running

Electrical or SIL-check-ups performed at regular intervals by our technicians make sure your hydrogen solutions are safe and in perfect working condition.

What does EDC stand for?

Engineering, Development and Commissioning, because we are convinced that automation of plants begins in the conceptual stages. We accompany our customers from the conceptual design, planning and layout to commissioning and maintenance, thus enabling reliable and safe operation of plants. We are a young, up-and-coming company that has made the refuelling of hydrogen vehicles its main task. With our many years of experience, our motivated team develops, plans and automates systems that are up to all challenges.