Hydrogen Smart Fueller

The HydrogenSmartFueller, HSF for short, is a adaptably designed dispenser with control software, specially developed for hydrogen filling stations. The HSF is available with a 350bar or 700bar nozzle. In order to allow refuelling from both pressure levels, the HSF is also available with two dispensing points. This modularity allows a wide range of applications, which makes the HSF perfect for refuelling of any kind of vehicle. Designed by Christian Steiner and engineered by us, combining modern technology with cutting edge design.

Small footprint - big impact

The HSFs compact design enables a broad application range. The HSF stands tall at around 3m height, and with a footprint of under 1,45m². The optional roof protects customers from rain and sun.


Our Hydrogen Smart Fueller is designed as controls unit of the H2 fuelling station. Other parts, like compressor systems, supply tanks or cooling solutions play only a minor role. The HSF can be used as a modern standalone replacement for mechanical overflow devices of yesteryear.


The modular design of the HSF allows it to be adapted to the most diverse customer requirements. The main focus is on seamless integration into the overall system. We can offer nearly limitless options when it comes to adaptability and expandebility, thanks to our own, customizable software.

Supply and Demand

Flexible supply units and nozzles allow for customization after the initial commissioning, making the HSF perfect for companies that dread downtime.


A flexible amount of nozzles in combination with our software allows customizable fuelling pressures for each fuelling nozzle with the option of high flow refuelling for large vehicles. Additional sensors for increased safety or performance as well as an additional data exchange module for communication with the vehicle can easily be added before and after commissioning.


Direct fuelling of a vehicle via compressor to achieve higher fill levels as well as filling of intermediate high pressure tanks to allow for longer and higher overflow fuelling.

Storage and Cooling

A high pressure storage system and adequate cooling helps keeping the fuel times short and keeps vehicle SoC high.

Supply units

Flexible supply pressures as well as flexible amounts of supply lines help keep everything in check and fill vehicles to their maximum.

High Pressure Storage

Enables high pressure overflow fuelling and helps achieve a higher SoC. Allows for more back-to-back fuellings with a comparativley smaller compressor.


Good cooling allows for a higher SoC and faster fuelling times. Cooling systems can be either integrated into the HSF or, if needed, an external cooling unit can be attached to help cool in high demand situations.


Our software allows highest levels of flexibility and adaptability to satisfy all fuelling requirements our customers have. Usage of Siemens Failsafe-PLCs and our know how enables us to offer you state of the art fuelling protocols based on the newest standards – SAE J2601 for vehicles under 10kg storage, cooled or JPEC for vehicles over 10kg storaged, cooled.

Sometimes our customers require cutting-edge fuelling protocols – for scenarios that are not covered by current standards – and we’re happy to oblige. We plan and develop safe and fast fuelling protocols together with vehicle manufacturers in order to satisfy your needs.

H2-Plant operators all over the world trust us with engineering, development and commissioning of H2 fuelling stations. Our long standing expertise in software and electronical engineering helps us help you reach your goals when it comes to top of the line H2 fuelling plants.


35MPa (350bar) 70MPa (700bar)
Hydrogen Quality 5.0 Quality 5.0
Power supply 230V, 50Hz, 10A 230V, 50Hz, 10A
Pneumatic supply I-Air max 10bar, dry, oil-free I-Air max 10bar, dry, oil-free

Dispensing Unit:
Dispenser Hydrogen Smart Fueller Hydrogen Smart Fueller
Fuelling equipment WEH TK17 35MPa WEH TK17 70MPa with IR
Pressure protection 42,5MPa (425bar) 87,5MPa (875bar)
Gas sensor Optional Optional
Operating display 7″ Touch HMI 7″ Touch HMI
RFID – Login Optional Optional
Remote maintenance Optional Optional
Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C -20°C to +40°C

Datasheet: Download Download