Hydrogen Smart Container

The Hydrogen Smart Container, short HSC, is a hydrogen fuelling station, packed into a 20 foot container. The HSCs can be setup as either 35MPa (350bar) or 70MPa (700bar) H2 fuelling station. Setup and commissioning is straightforward and operability can be achieved very quickly.

Uptime and Mobility

Packed into a Container, the hydrogen fuelling station is more durable and mobile – enabling fuelling in harsh conditions. Mountain or valley, delivered by helicopter or truck, there are no places the HSC cannot go.


The Hydrogen Smart Container is designed as a compact and portable refuelling system. After connecting to the on site infrastructure and approval by the respective authorities, the HSC is ready for use.


The tight packaging of the HSC enables placement of a dispensing unit, mid-pressure H2-buffer, compressors, instrument air and electrical cabinet – all within a 20 foot container.


To ensure optimal safety, the container is split into three zones: the Ex-Zone the NonEx-Zone and the dispensing unit. The latter is integrated into the outer wall of the container and easily covered to protect the H2 dispenser during transportation.


Instrument air, air pressure storage and electrical cabiet are located inside the NonEx-Zone. These systems don't process hydrogen directly, though the steps needed for fuelling are controlled and monitored from here.


All the components required for the processing of hydrogen – from supply point to fuelling nozzle – are located inside the larger Ex-Zone. This section has been designed with safety in mind, ensuring optimal and safe operation in any environment.



  1. Hydrogen compressor
  2. Refuelling-rack
  3. Dispensing unit
  4. Compressed air reservoir
  5. Electrical cabinet
  6. Pneumatic compressor
  7. H2-buffer
  8. Supply-rack
  9. Additional supply-rack
  10. H2-supply


The H2 Compressor station contains two small hydrogen compressors that empty the supply storage and fill the integrated H2-buffers to the appropriate pressure levels.

This setup also enables “Live Fuelling” – compressing hydrogen directly into the vehicle storage tanks to achieve higher fill levels and more back-to-back fuellings.

Instrument Air System

Most components are electrically addressed but pneumatically controlled. To facilitate this the HSC comes with an integrasted IAS which is comprised of a pneumatic compressor and an air pressure tank – all of which is located inside the NonEx part of the container.


In order to reach high fuelling levels while fuelling a lot of vehicles back-to-back the HSC comes equipped with a medium pressured H2 buffer. This 50MPa (500bar) H2 buffer stores over 1000 liters of hydrogen at 45MPa (450bar).


The Integrated Dispenser can be fitted with either 35MPa (350bar) or 70MPa (700bar) equipment to fuel both 35MPa and 70Mpa vehicles. The insides of the Hydrogen Smart Container are always designed to handle 70MPa fuelling – in order to switch pressure levels, all one has to do is swap out the over pressure valve and nozzle, as these can not be used for both 35MPa and 70MPa.


Our software allows highest levels of flexibility and adaptability to satisfy all fuelling requirements our customers have. Usage of Siemens Failsafe-PLCs and our know how enables us to offer you state of the art fuelling protocols based on the newest standards – SAE J2601 for vehicles under 10kg storage, cooled or JPEC for vehicles over 10kg storaged, cooled.

Sometimes our customers require cutting-edge fuelling protocols – for scenarios that are not covered by current standards – and we’re happy to oblige. We plan and develop safe and fast fuelling protocols together with vehicle manufacturers in order to satisfy your needs.

H2-Plant operators all over the world trust us with engineering, development and commissioning of H2 fuelling stations. Our long standing expertise in software and electronical engineering helps us help you reach your goals when it comes to top of the line H2 fuelling plants.


35MPa (350bar) 70MPa (700bar)
Hydrogen Quality 5.0 Quality 5.0
Max. supply pressure 30MPa (300bar) 30MPa (300bar)
Power supply 400V, 50Hz, 45A 400V, 50Hz, 45A

Container 20 feet 20 feet

Instrument Air:
Pneumatic driven compressor 0,55MPa (5,5bar) to 1MPa (1bar) air pressure 0,55MPa (5,5bar) to 1MPa (1bar) air pressure
Oil-Water seperator Integrated Integrated

Hydrogen Compressor:
Output 2,55kg/h@25MPa (250bar) 2,55kg/h@25MPa (250bar)
Min. inlet pressure 7MPa (70bar) 7MPa (70bar)

Buffer Storage:
Capacity 1050 liters H2 @ 45MPa (450bar) 1050 liters H2 @ 45MPa (450bar)
Temperature range -40°C to +65°C -40°C to +65°C

Dispensing Unit:
Dispenser Hydrogen Smart Fueller Hydrogen Smart Fueller
Fuelling equipment WEH TK17 35MPa WEH TK17 70MPa with IR
Pressure protection 42,5MPa (425bar) 87,5MPa (875bar)
Gas sensor Integrated Integrated
Operating display 7″ Touch HMI 7″ Touch HMI
RFID – Login Optional Optional
Remote maintenance Optional Optional
Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C -20°C to +40°C

Datasheet: Download Download