Hydrogen Smart Container

Uptime and Mobility


The Hydrogen Smart Container is designed as a compact and portable refuelling system. After connecting to the on site infrastructure and approval by the respective authorities, the HSC is ready for use.


The tight packaging of the HSC enables placement of a dispensing unit, mid-pressure H2-buffer, compressors, instrument air and electrical cabinet – all within a 20 foot container.



Instrument air, air pressure storage and electrical cabiet are located inside the NonEx-Zone. These systems don't process hydrogen directly, though the steps needed for fuelling are controlled and monitored from here.


All the components required for the processing of hydrogen – from supply point to fuelling nozzle – are located inside the larger Ex-Zone. This section has been designed with safety in mind, ensuring optimal and safe operation in any environment.



  1. Hydrogen compressor
  2. Refuelling-rack
  3. Dispensing unit
  4. Compressed air reservoir
  5. Electrical cabinet
  6. Pneumatic compressor
  7. H2-buffer
  8. Supply-rack
  9. Additional supply-rack
  10. H2-supply




35MPa (350bar) 70MPa (700bar)
Hydrogen Quality 5.0 Quality 5.0
Max. supply pressure 30MPa (300bar) 30MPa (300bar)
Power supply 400V, 50Hz, 45A 400V, 50Hz, 45A

Container 20 feet 20 feet

Instrument Air:
Pneumatic driven compressor 0,55MPa (5,5bar) to 1MPa (1bar) air pressure 0,55MPa (5,5bar) to 1MPa (1bar) air pressure
Oil-Water seperator Integrated Integrated

Hydrogen Compressor:
Output 2,55kg/h@25MPa (250bar) 2,55kg/h@25MPa (250bar)
Min. inlet pressure 7MPa (70bar) 7MPa (70bar)

Buffer Storage:
Capacity 1050 liters H2 @ 45MPa (450bar) 1050 liters H2 @ 45MPa (450bar)
Temperature range -40°C to +65°C -40°C to +65°C

Dispensing Unit:
Dispenser Hydrogen Smart Fueller Hydrogen Smart Fueller
Fuelling equipment WEH TK17 35MPa WEH TK17 70MPa with IR
Pressure protection 42,5MPa (425bar) 87,5MPa (875bar)
Gas sensor Integrated Integrated
Operating display 7″ Touch HMI 7″ Touch HMI
RFID – Login Optional Optional
Remote maintenance Optional Optional
Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C -20°C to +40°C

Datasheet: Download Download