What does EDC stand for?

Engineering, Development and Commissioning, because we know that the automation of plants starts with a solid overall concept. We accompany our customers from the conceptual design, planning and layout to commissioning and maintenance, thus enabling reliable and safe operation of the plants. We are a young, up-and-coming company that has made the refuelling of hydrogen vehicles one of its main tasks. With our many years of experience, our motivated team develops, plans and automates systems that stand up to all challenges.

Our History

14 years of automation! But how did we get here?

The first step, the foundation, took place in 2006 in the form of a one-man buiseness. Due to the large amount of commissions, it soon became clear that the one-man buiseness would have to evolve into something larger. So in August 2007 the one-man business became a Ltd – GmbH in German. At that time still in its infancy, the company KUSTEC was looking for a competent automation engineer for its latest cooling system, which was developed specifically for hydrogen refuelling plants. After succesful commissioning of our first hydrogen cooling system, the next big project was already on it’s way: The first hydrogen refuelling station within the german-speaking countries. Almost 2 years later, driven by our passion for hydrogen, we planned and automated a hydrogen refuelling station, which was successfully commissioned by us in May 2009. In the next few years we worked on more than 90 hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Today, with more than a decade of experience and thanks to our close cooperation with the company Schmidberger Elektroinstallations GmbH, we are proud to offer not just the planning and automation of refuelling stations, but also innovative overall solutions for hydrogen refuelling. From power generation to fuelling nozzles, we ensure safe and fast refuelling on all types of hydrogen vehicles. Thanks to our many years of experience and relevant expertise, we offer future-oriented solutions for the problems of tomorrow.

The Team